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                     Heart Disease and Stroke: $432 billion/year.
                     Diabetes: $174 billion/year.
                     Lung Disease: $154 billion/year.
                     Alzheimer’s Disease: $148 billion/year.
               The pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the practice of medicine today. The huge profits drug
               companies can make is fueling an epidemic of greed. At the multi-billion dollar level greed easily
               corrupts an entire industry. Look at the profits made by some of the biggest companies in 2014:

                     Novartis - $47.1 billion
                     Pfizer - $45.7 billion
                     Merck & Co - $36 billion
                     Johnson & Johnson - $32.3 billion
                     GlaxoSmithKline - $29.5 billion

               Chances are that your doctor has prescribed medications for you that are health-destructive. Drug
               companies are vulnerable to cutting their own throats by finding any real inexpensive and non-
               patentable cure for any diseases.

               Clearly, even if you are a donutaholic with a smoking addiction and a fatalistic view of life, you might
               want to make a few changes. Or, be prepared to spend a fortune on health insurance and invest in a
               nice burial plot.

               CHAPTER 2

               The Fountain of Youth
               For hundreds of thousands of years, cave men had short life spans. Often, an accident, starvation or
               being eaten by a saber tooth tiger prevented early man from attaining retirement age, though, as far as
               we know, cavemen didn’t have 401k retirement plans. So, early man rarely had the opportunity to
               collect a pension and die of old age.

               Yet, in some parts of the world like Okinawa, Japan and parts of China, Tibet, Pakistan, and Peru the
               population discovered the means to prolong life well beyond the norm. Elders were respected and well
               treated. After all, they had survived much to reach old age. Farm families were large to provide plenty of
               cheap labor to replace the labor of the elderly. One such tribe of healthy people, the Hunza lived at very
               high altitude in the mountain valley. They drank glacier water that flowed through an aquaduct from
               glaciers at 25,000+ feet. Because of the high altitude there wasn’t enough arable land. The Hunza were
               lean, athletic and healthy and “experienced” a restricted calorie diet since their was never enough food.

               Shamans and medicine men discovered herbs and poultices that appeared to promote healing. Hard-
               nosed, skeptical scientists of today are discovering that the ancient knowledge of these early medicine
               men and their herbs was shockingly accurate. Many supplements are derived from herbs and plants that
               have been used for hundreds and even thousands of years to promote peak health. Not surprisingly,
               they have been found to be highly therapeutic and generally without negative side effects.

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