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               Key Goals of Physiological Age Reversal

                   1.  Increase Cellular Energy. A certain combination of supplements protect and restore the
                       mitochondria in your cells. Mitochondria are the energy factories in all cells. They produce the
                       pure energy enzyme called NAD. CoQ10 protects and powers up weak mitochondria to produce
                       more NAD. PQQ in combination with CoQ10 triggers the number of mitochondria to multiply
                       while enhancing the output of NAD from your mitochondria. This effect is especially potent for
                       the aging brain. The number of neurons or connections in your brain are stimulated to multiply.
                   2.  Reduce Inflammation. In today’s toxic and nutrient-deprived world your immune system
                       overreacts. Certain foods and supplements deliver antioxidants that prevent and help to repair
                       damage to joints/cartilage, organs, the endothelial lining of your blood vessels, eyes and brain.
                       Some of the most potent of these supplements include Curcumin, Serrapeptase, AstaXanthin,
                       DHA, Green Tea extract and Omega 3 marine lipids. But, a couple of powerful new antioxidants
                       hold promise to reverse the aging process.
                   3.  Increase Stem Cell Production. Today’s toxic foods and lifestyle in the good old USA break down
                       natural protective mechanisms of your gut and your immune system. This results in suppression
                       of natural stem cell production. Stem cells are your body’s universal repair and building blocks
                       but by the time you are 65 your body produces on average 70% fewer. Several products
                       combine to restore immune function in your gut with benign, immune-boosting bacteria. Other
                       products, and a special form of exercise, trigger your body to produce more stem cells. The
                       combination is critical for rapid repair of damaged or “sick” tissues and organs, building strong
                       muscles and the rapid healing of injuries.
                   4.  Increase Blood Flow - Heal Clogged and Damaged Arteries. All of the above therapies and
                       supplements play a part in restoring your circulation. But, certain supplements have proven to
                       heal the endothelial lining of your blood vessels. Inflammation of this lining causes your body to
                       grab cholesterol, which is naturally produced in your body, and uses it to “pave over” inflamed
                       and damaged areas of the lining of your arteries. Big Pharma’s solution is to reduce the
                       cholesterol using cholesterol-lowering statin drugs but ignore the underlying problem:
                       inflammation of your blood vessels. The supplements I recommend have been proven to
                       increase Nitric Oxide production so that your arteries remain flexible and can expand to
                       accommodate a huge increase in blood flow during sex or heavy exertion. These powerful
                       supplements heal the lining of your arteries to address the true cause of heart disease.
                   5.  Increase Cellular Oxygen Uptake. To work effectively your body must burn fuel. Hydrogen is the
                       ultimate fuel and it requires oxygen to “burn”, thereby releasing the ATP form of energy that
                       powers your body. Oxygen (or O2) is delivered by your blood as it circulates through your lungs.
                       But, here’s the thing: trees produce or exhale oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, yet in today’s
                       world mankind is rapidly clear-cutting the rain forests and trees from every corner of the globe.
                       Mankind is actually destroying his oxygen supply on this planet!  O2 levels in the atmosphere
                       have been dropping sharply causing cancer rates to soar. Cancer cells require sugar or glucose
                       for their fuel.  Hydrogen, as mentioned, is the ultimate fuel that powers your cells. Brown’s gas,
                       which is a molecular rearrangement of hydrogen and oxygen resulting from breaking down

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