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water, is the perfect anti-aging, youth-restoring, and cancer fighting therapy. But it must be
                       delivered to your body safely, appropriately and conveniently.  Hydrogen enriched Liquid
                       Crystalline Water is the key to hydrating the cells.

               CHAPTER 1

               The American Healthcare Crisis

               Health Advisory

               Do you or does someone you know suffer from any of these chronic, debilitating and possibly fatal

                     MS
                     Alzheimer’s Disease
                     Cancer
                     Chronic fatigue syndrome
                     Fibromyalgia
                     Arthritis
                     Stiff and aching joints
                     Cardiovascular disease
                     E-D (erectile dysfunction)
                     Diabetes
                     And dozens more

               If so, S.A.D. may be slowly destroying your body robbing you of healthy vitality until you are old before
               your time. S.A.D. the Standard American Diet, is responsible for most chronic disease in the United
               States. The evidence for this statement is overwhelming and is based on thousands of research studies.

               The SAD truth is that Americans are growing fat on empty calories or nutrient-free “food”. Our high
               carbohydrate, high sugar and high sodium diet consists of a slow-acting poison that has been shown to
               cause childhood diabetes and heart disease in children as young as 12 years old.

               During the early 1900’s Americans consumed, on average, just five pounds of sugar a year. On average,
               Americans today consume over 100 pounds of sugar annually including packaged and fast foods that
               consist primarily of simple carbohydrates, preservative chemicals and sodium. Unfortunately, lower
               income Americans consume far more of these health-robbing foods than others.

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