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Carbon 60 in Virgin Olive Oil has been proven to double the lifespan of rats. New research indicates that Carbon 60 in virgin olive oil may double and even triple the healthy lifespan of humans. People who combine the consumption of Carbon 60 in Olive Oil with our Revive Diet and drinking Hydrogen enriched crystalline water with or without John Ellis water can expect to experience a return to youthful vigor and to achieve Peak Health.

Yes, this revolution in preventive health regimens is spelling the demise of big pharma as well as the end of conventional medicine, the end of the Federal Drug Administration and the end of expensive health insurance.

Make no mistake, combined, Big Pharma, mainstream media (television advertising) and conventional medicine stand to lose hundreds of billions of dollars should this suppressed protocol become widely adopted.

The big drug companies won’t go quietly into the night, kissing billions of dollars in profits away without a fight. But, the power of this discovery, founded on years of research by hundreds or researchers, promises to make ALL conventional drug-based treatments obsolete.

Symptoms of Aging

An interesting thing about aging is the subtle changes that occur so gradually you may not notice them. For example, as we age the moisture leaves our skin. The skin on the backs of your hands may become wrinkled and sprinkled with age spots.

The whites of your eyes may no longer be white but appear dull and discolored. Many seniors experience wrinkles and creases around the eyes and then the appearance of jowls along the jaw line and crepy, sagging skin on the neck and under the upper arms. Greying, lifeless hair and beard are typical signs though people as young as mid thirties may see their hair begin to turn gray. Energy levels may plummet and seniors become fond of taking a nap in the afternoon.

Sound familiar? If you are sixty or older you may recognize these subtle signs of aging.
But, recently, clients report that all of these signs of aging are vanishing. The changes can be so subtle that you yourself may miss them….until, one day someone who knows you well but hasn’t seen you for awhile peers at you and remarks: “Did you dye your hair, you look a lot younger than I remember?”

Oxidative Stress

Medical researchers have shown that persistent oxidative stress, one of the symptoms of the Standard American Diet, (S.A.D.), is a primary lifestyle cause of disease and speeds up the aging process.

North Americans are faced with GMO foods, deuterium rich water poisoned with toxins, vaccinations loaded with extremely toxic poisons like mercury and formaldehyde and an endless number of chemicals in our environment.

Surprising Sources of Persistent Oxidative Stress (POS)

  • Eating barbecue. Char-broiling meats or any food is damaging to your body.
  • Running, boxing or any intensive, strenuous exercise….except High Intensity Interval Training
  • Smoking including cigarettes and marijuana
  • Exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays
  • Any physical or even psychological stress like being injured, having surgery, or persistent money worries.
  • Aging itself is stressful. Aging isn’t for wimps.
  • Diet including using any common vegetable oils or eating fast foods cooked in them.

Antioxidants, Diet and Water

Over 10,000 research studies on just one natural substance, the spice Tumeric and its antioxidant containing ingredient Curcumin, demonstrates that antioxidants can help resolve (or CURE which is a politically incorrect word the gestapo FDA bans) over 216 diseases.
Without any doubt, based on thousands of studies, simply switching from the S.A.D. to an antioxidant rich diet can retard the aging process and even repress or eliminate many diseases when combined with certain supplements.

Humans face major health challenges by consuming sugar and simple carbohydrates including whole wheat, grains, french fries and mashed potatoes and hundreds of popular fast foods.

However, a wealth of antioxidants are readily available in super foods like blueberries, genuine virgin olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil, and many more foods found in my Thrive Diet™. Yet, for many, diet is not enough. Even super foods like Quinoa don’t have enough critical antioxidants to restore youthful biology to aging people. So, supplements and water must pay a critical part in the rejuvenation process.

Hydrogen Healing Hydrotherapy

Persistent Oxidative stress syndrome seriously damages cells becoming the precursor to more than 38 diseases including cancer and the aging process.
While helpful, antioxidants don’t compare to the advantages of hydrogen to resolve oxidative stress that results in chronic inflammation.

Molecular Hydrogen and now Brown’s gas which is the stoiometric (original gas ratio) resulting from breaking water into its components of Hydrogen and Oxygen, may be the most powerful tool to combat Persistent Oxidative Stress POS syndrome.

Advantages of HHO Hydrotherapy

• H2, that is molecular hydrogen and HHO, the mixture of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, easily penetrates skin, organs and cells and easily passes through the blood-brain barrier. Most antioxidants cannot pass through this barrier.
• While H2 is a powerful antioxidant as well the ultimate cellular fuel it is mild enough so that it doesn’t impact metabolic redox reactions nor does it impede reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS is a critical component in cell signaling.
• H2 is harmless and no adverse side effects have ever been reported from consuming it.
• Cancer cells fail in the presence of oxygen meaning cancer cannot thrive in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen is part of HHO gas.
• Since the earliest research on H2 therapy was published in 2007 dozens of follow up studies have confirmed that H2 is useful in treating more than 38 diseases.
• H2/HHO can be administered safely and non-invasively (excepting injection of hydrogen rich saline solution).

The simplest way to experience HHO therapy is drinking liquid crystalline water that has been infused (cavitated or Vortex blended) with HHO. Soaking in the same type of water, above, in a jacuzzi or bathtub is ideal for healing allergies and injuries to the skin.

This method is also ideal for treating burns and diabetic necrosis of the feet. H2, or molecular hydrogen, is safe to breathe but not recommended for HHO gas. HHO gas can also be applied directly to the skin, usually by porting the gas into an oversized vinyl glove or bag. A funnel held against an injured area of skin works well. H2 infused in saline eye drops may improve visual acuity and even may prevent or eliminate cataracts.

How To Take Advantage of The Healing Power of Hydrogen Hydrotherapy

While the benefits of Hydrogen Hydrotherapy have already been demonstrated by numerous studies, this area of research is shunned by Big Pharma. As the paid watchdog of Big Pharmaceutical companies, the Food and Drug Administration is unlikely to permit this proven healing process to reach the public. This technology is simple, effective and ultimately costs far less than traditional medical treatment, for cancer for instance. Big Pharma cannot patent it nor profit from the technology.

Nevertheless, the government cannot suppress what kind of water you drink nor what kind of water you bathe in. A revolutionary water treatment device enables you to process ordinary water to produce hydrogen/HHO infused liquid crystalline water in your home. You can drink it and bathe in it. You can make the water yourself in whatever quantities your family requires and it will cost less than bottled water.

Please Note: Hydrogen Enriched Liquid Crystalline Water cannot be bottled without rapidly losing its active ingredient. Any company selling this water in bottles in conning the public. The active ingredient, hydrogen, rapidly penetrates glass, plastics and even stainless steel.


The inventor of this Hydrogen Healing Hydrotherapy water processor is not a doctor. He is has been involved with Hydrogen free energy research for over ten years.
With his help you are about to discover how to slow down and even reverse the aging process, free from disease and in perfect health….without drugs, chemotherapy or invasive surgery.


I realize that you may be skeptical at this point and this information may be hard to accept. Frankly, only people who are intelligent and have an open mind have the qualities required to be among the early adopters of this new health technology.

So, if you are still with me, I recommend that you suspend your disbelief for just a moment and imagine a future where:

    • Patients take full responsibility for their own health with trained health guides only offering non-invasive diagnostics and the appropriate immune system boosting suggestions.
    • In which people can visit Hydrogen Hydrotherapy Spas and consult with certified professional advisers. My company has built and now offers the first such Hydrogen Hydrotherapy Spa. Click to download PDF.
    • A future where today’s spiraling health care costs keep dropping as people thrive well into their 90’s (or longer) and have no further use for conventional alopathic medicine or their nasty side effect laden drugs.
    • Where there is no longer any such thing as incurable diseases – not cancer, not heart disease, not diabetes nor Alzheimer’s disease.
    • And, while I am more than willing to share this information with you I must warn you that it could be banned and taken down…off the Internet…at any time.

Seriously, if you wish to know more you must act now!

You may order the soft cover print version of AGE LESS The Remarkable Strategy People Like Yourself Are Using to Reverse Up to 20+ Years of Biological Aging Indicators.

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