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Did you ever believe the scientist who is well-known for “pasteurized” milk may also be in charge of your stiff joints? Fuzzy thinking… poor flow… and low energy?

You’ve heard of Louis Pasteur, right? He is the scientist accredited with discovering how germs can make you sick. Many industries of pharmaceutical drugs emerged because of Pasteur’s “germ hypothesis.”

Pasteur believed in killing germs before they kill you.

But have you heard of Antoine Bechamp? A French scientist who was a bitter rival of Pasteur. That it is because Bechamp claimed that Pasteur’s germ theory was hogwash!

Bechamp realized that it was not the germ, but the body’s setting that makes you sick. He fearlessly claimed an unbalanced, too acidic body provided the right environment for germs and diseases to grow. He revealed.‘if your body is more alkaline — you can battle off any germ that tries to attack it.’

These two different approaches caused significant chaos among scientists…

If you followed Pasteur — you fight the germ.

If you held in Bechamp’s approach — you nurtured the body.

To put an end to this argument, the medical institution decided to approve only one of these approaches. And let me say this…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to outline whom they supported…

Pasteur’s theory came with a huge payoff. If germs are the root causes of diseases, then create some government grant drugs to kill germs! More germs. More tested drugs.


It’s no doubt Pasteur became known as the “Father of Pharmaceutical Drugs!”

Bechamp’s approach on the other hand had no major financial value.

Maintaining and keeping the body in healthy acid-alkaline stability meant eating healthy foods… managing stress… exercising… all NON-patent remedies. NO DRUGS!

With no drugs to the patent, Bechamp’s advance research and innovation were ridiculed!

Virginia Tims Lawson founder of Peak Pure & Natural said he was glad Bechamp continued with his research, despite the ridicule and attempts to bury his discovery by the medical establishment.

  • Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, author of Alkalize or Die, who shook the scientific society with proof that…

“The numerous names of illnesses are not important. What’s important is that they all come from the same root cause: Too much acid in the body!”

These doctors and many others established the simple, scientific fact that when your body is too acidic, you’re a “sitting duck” for illness!

But when your body is in a little alkaline state — you can help a stop and even conquer just about any health issue including:

  • Joint stiffness!
  • Weak heart!
  • Poor digestion!
  • Sore muscles!
  • Constipation!
  • Blood sugar imbalances!
  • Poor circulation!
  • Sluggish immunity!
  • Premature aging!
  • Skin outbreaks!
  • Premature wrinkles!
  • Abnormal cell growth!

Acid build-up and wreaks havoc in your entire body. Sure, your doctor may call it “this disease” or “that disease” but no matter what it’s called, it’s caused by too much acid!

And too much acid causes…

Bone Loss!

If your body is excessively acidic — your bones are a number 1 target. To repair your overworked body, you need to add up the calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium that was meant for your bones! The result?

“Bone-on-bone” scraping that results in inflammation and bone erosion! Bone loss… joint pain… and even that dreaded “hump”!

Clogged Arteries!

Surplus acid eats away at the lining of your arteries! While you’ve got rips and tears in your blood vessels — Your body sends the warning sign to create more cholesterol to form a tablet and fill those holes! Next thing you know — you’re dealing with narrowed arteries filled with a plaque that causes poor circulation!

Breathing problems!

A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine revealed a surprising warning sign of an approaching asthma attack: High acid levels!

Dr. Benjamin Gaston and his research team discovered that right before a bronchial attack begins — acid levels in the lungs shot up as much as 1,000-fold! Acid level adds to inflammation in the bronchial airways, which then enhance the attack!

A drain on mental and physical energy!

According to the blockbuster book, The Chemistry of Success — high acid levels can minimize your oxygen uptake. You know what you need oxygen for right? EVERYTHING! So excess acid can choke the life out of your cells — Leaving you with mental ambiguity… unexplainable tiredness… weak muscles… low sex drive… and early skin wrinkles — just to name a few!

Attacks on your pancreas, lungs, liver, and blood sugar!

When I read this research from the Journal of Diabetes Care — it made me crazy. Here’s why:

You and I drink water every day since it’s good for us. Well, maybe not! If that water you’re drinking is mostly regular tap water you’re in reality drinking “acid water!”

It’s making you more acidic!

Norwegian researcher Dr. Lars C. Stene revealed that people with high acidity from drinking tap water were FOUR TIMES more likely to encounter glucose and insulin problems!

The key to healthy living is keeping your body more ALKALINE than acidic. It is that simple.

You’re getting bombarded with much acid, but few people do the ONE thing that can help get you back to alkaline stability…

Time Magazine news 90% of Americans are lacking in this ONE alkaline boosting savior…

Fruits and vegetables!

That’s because fruits and vegetables not only have powerful antioxidants but also nutrients for healthy living… they also help keep your body alkaline!

But even if you’re the 1 out of 10 among those who eat five servings of fruits and veggies a day… you’ve got to eat the right ones…

Eating cranberries, plums, peas, corn, olives, or squash have healthy nutrients but don’t wait for them to help keep your body alkaline.

These fruits and veggies and many more leave an acid residue in your cells creating even more acid excess in your body. It’s not just about eating fruits and vegetables it’s eating the RIGHT alkalizing ones that improve your health!


In general, an alkaline diet is healthy because it’s based on unprocessed foods. No dependable evidence suggests it has something to do with pH levels.

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