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Medical Hydrogen Video Links Enhancing Water Making Crystalline Water Videos  Energizing Water Programming Water Carpal Tunnel Treatment Tyler LeBaron: Presents at AMMG Medical Conference Nov. 2015 The Healing Power of Hydrogen Session 1 with Tyler LeBaron Ozone Therapy Why is Ozone Therapy Suppressed in the US?… The Healing Power

Are You Getting Enough Minerals?

Did you ever notice how TV commercials for breakfast cereal always mention vitamins and minerals? But when you think of minerals, food isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Aren’t minerals something you find in the earth, like iron and quartz? Well, yes, but small amounts of some minerals are also in foods —

Silver Boost

antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antibiotic Manufactured by Morningstar Minerals, Farmington, New Mexico Morningstar Minerals Silver Boost Colloidal Silver is a powerful, all natural liquid mineral supplement and antiseptic/germicide/bactericide, made from non-photosensitive ionic & colloidal silver in chelated form (@ 200 PPM). When used with Energy Boost 70® it provides its unique method of transporting stable and

Vitality Boost HA

Vitality Boost HA this is the strongest of our products but offers the best healing power of all, Humic minerals has the ability to pass the blood brain barrier and pull heavy metals toxins and viral toxins from the brain, it is a (detoxifier) some people with high viral such as herpes, aids and hepatitis will feel discomfort for the first 2-3 days but it will pass along with their viral loads.

Immune Boost 77

Immune Boost 77 these capsules help to build the immune system by helping the body to rid itself of toxic build up and viral loads, great for heart burn and arthritis pain at it includes a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.

Inner Vitality is a 4-1

Inner Vitality is a 4-1 blend of Energy Boost 70 and Vitality Boost HA we started making this product 4 years ago and it is quickly reaching # 1 it helps with concentration and focus helps to pull heavy metals, toxins and viral loads from the body helps with absorption of nutrients and vitamins we get from the foods we eat.

Derma Boost

Derma Boost The skin is the biggest organ in our body and is exposed to harsh effects of sunlight, wind and the elements. Derma Boost helps hydrate the skin and it also helps with skin irritation such as eczema and psoriasis, cuts and scars. Woman love to use it for their face and hands since it helps to restore youthful looking skin.

Energy Boost 70

Energy Boost 70 is the best electrolyte on earth it is a transporter it carries nutrients and vitamins into the blood stream it increases absorption of other minerals that the body can become depleted from such as Calcium and Magnesium.

Are You Getting Enough Vitamins?

Everyone knows that the human body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals everyday to function properly and remain healthy. A well balanced diet can supply your body with the vitamins it needs, although problems and disorders can arise if your diet doesn’t supply your body with the vitamins it needs. The symptoms of

The Real Truth About Vitamin A

Vitamin A was first discovered back in 1912, by a Polish biochemist named Casimir Funk. He came up with the word vitamine, which was later given the name vitamin. Funk was the first to discover vitamins as we know them today, although vitamin A was actually the first one discovered, hence the letter “A” in


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