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Newborn water, the kind you might find coursing down a high mountain brook, is quite different from municipal tap water. It is structured; in fact, the water has a hexagonal, crystalline structure that gives it incredible healing properties especially when hydrogen gas enriches the water.


Most of us take water for granted. You turn on the tap and water comes out….end of story.
But, water is life. A planet without water could not support life as we know it. Sadly, society and especially researchers have taken water for granted.  Fortunately, this attitude is rapidly changing!

In the 1970’s, scientists at NASA were busy figuring out how astronauts could survive during space travel. Weight is the enemy of conventional rocket propelled space launches so carrying a large weight of water isn’t feasible.

Instead, the scientists and engineers at NASA researched recycling waste water, like urine (yuck!), so that the astronauts could have a source of drinking water. Not only did they succeed in filtering urine and other waste water so that it was drinkable, they discovered that the astronauts who drank this water experienced remarkable health benefits. Apparently, something in the filtering process was altering the water and giving it unusual healing qualities. They discovered that not all water is the same. Some water is structured so that it forms beautiful crystalline structures when observed as snow flakes.

While more research is needed we already know that crystalline water is very different than the municipal water that comes out of your faucet. For one thing crystalline water consists of far smaller molecules that are arranged in a hexagonal crystal structure visible only under an electron microscope. However, the late water scientist, Masaru Emoto, the author of The Hidden Messages in Water and The Shape of Love, found a way to freeze water molecules and photograph them without destroying the crystalline structure. These snowflake crystals could then be photographed. The beautiful photos showed an infinite variety of crystals reflecting the structure of crystalline water. Tap water or water that is polluted displays no crystalline structure and appears ugly and mishapen under magnification.

Dr. Emoto discovered many unusual properties of crystalline water. For example, water has memory and water is very receptive to words and emotions. He discovered that merely labeling water with powerful and positive words like love and gratitude profoundly changed poor water into beautiful crystalline water. Likewise, prayer and chanting, even from the other side of the world, changed polluted water from a stagnant pond and transformed it into blessed crystalline water. His findings were documented in photographs in his popular books.

Scientists also discovered that these tiny molecules allow crystalline water to penetrate cell membranes. Ordinary water, the kind you get from the faucet or from an expensive bottle of spring water is not readily absorbed through the cell membrane! In other words that expensive Kona Nigari Water , that sells for $402 per 750 ml, doesn’t quench your cells’ thirst!

An engineer, John Ellis, had studied a book on alchemy, the forerunner of modern chemistry. Apparently, their wisdom was completely obscured over the centuries but Mr. Ellis noted that rapid heating and cooling of water multiple times transforms the structure of water yielding almost miraculous healing. The invention he built, the Electron 5 multiple water refiner, alters the covalent bond angle holdng Hydrogen atoms to Oxygen atoms. Ordinary water, whether it is tap water, well water, bottled water or even reverse osmosis water has a bond angle of 104.5 degrees. the molecules are closer together and tightly bonded. The only water in the world with the possible exception of the waters from healing springs, that has a 114 degree covalent bond angle is John Ellis Water.

Why is this important? Cells, just like people, must constantly maintain an exchange of nutrients coming into the cell with the free exchange of cellular waste by-products leaving the cell (yes, cells have to void waste too).
You could drink eight – 12oz bottles of fancy spring water a day and not get the same degree of hydration possible from drinking just a couple of glasses of John Ellis water. Critical cellular and mitochondrial functions are further enhanced when the John Ellis water is enriched with pure hydrogen gas.

Water that actually hydrates the cells of your body, what a remarkable concept!

Oxygen Deprivation: The Possible Benefits of Enriching Water With HHO

Both the cause of cancer and the cure for cancer were discovered 91 years ago by a German physiologist and medical doctor Otto Heinrich Warburg. Yet the $173 billion a year cancer industry has buried this Nobel-Prize winning cancer cure for over 80 years.

The cause of cancer and of many diseases is oxygen deprivation. Cancer cells are common in all humans; but, cancer cells, unlike healthy cells, cannot tolerate oxygen. Instead, cancer cells rely on sugar to fuel their growth. This was the discovery of Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg that has been suppressed.

Scientists have calculated that in pre-historic times the atmosphere contained between 30% and 35% oxygen. Around the time of the Industrial Revolution oxygen levels plummeted to about 22%. Today, in large, smog ridden cities, oxygen levels are as low as 15%. Cancer cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment but your body’s cells are oxygen starved. Cancer rates are close to five times higher per 100,000 people today compared to those rates back in 1900. Later, you will also learn how sugar consumption has soared since the early 1900’s. The combination is lethal and is reflected in sharply increasing rates of cancer per 100,000 people in the U.S.

All those earnest, pink band wearing activists raising money to find a cancer cure are fighting the wrong battle. The Federal Drug Administration and the American Medical Association and countless other medical industry giants have attacked and suppressed the use of Oxygen to cure cancer. The cure is known, it is simple, low cost and without side effects and has cured an estimated 12 million people including President Reagan and many celebrities but the American public has been duped and defrauded costing millions of lives.

Some scientists believe that crystalline water is a fourth state of water unlike steam, ice and ordinary water. The more they learn the more they see that the crystalline structure in some water has many or all of the unusual characteristics of crystals (like quartz crystals) found in nature.
For example:
• According to experts, a crystal has an organized molecular pattern that provides channels for the flow of energy and information. Liquid crystalline water thus is an energy and information transducer.
• Amplify energy. The crystalline lattice of hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water is organized so that all electrons are connected. So, crystalline water is able to amplify your body’s energy and electrical impulses so that your body operates far more efficiently. Yes, this means that you have more energy to live your life.
• Transduce energy. This means that crystalline water can convert one form of energy into another form of energy. For example, a quartz crystal can convert pressure into electric energy.
• Process energy. Liquid crystalline water also is similar to quartz crystals in that the water can act like a semiconductor. A semiconductor has the capacity to detect, switch, store, modulate, filter, rectify and amplify energy. These are all critical functions for a healthy body.

In other words, crystals naturally have incredible properties. Ordinary water, the kind that comes out of your faucet, has none of these properties because ordinary water is not structured or crystalline water. This is one KEY to reversing the aging process!

But, perhaps the most valuable attribute of Crystalline Water is that it has the ability to transport and deliver more oxygen directly into the cells of your body.

Here’s why Crystalline Water is Vital For Extending Your Healthy Lifespan


When we consume vitamins and minerals in food or as supplements, a large percentage of vital nutrients escape absorption by the body. As we grow older, our ability to absorb nutrients from diet decreases at an alarming rate.
This condition cannot be corrected by eating more. Our digestive system tends to absorb the ‘bad’ nutrients while discharging the ‘good’ nutrients. We daily see obese people who are technically suffering from malnutrition. As we grow older our immune systems decline in function at an average rate of 1% per year. Seventy percent of our immune system functions originate from our intestines, or more specifically, from the balance of bacterial flora that inhabit our digestive system.

Were you aware that microorganisms in your gut produce a lot of hydrogen mixed with some stinky gases like methane? Hydrogen is not only part of your natural bio-metabolism it is the key or fundamental fuel that your body runs on. But, the body must expend a great deal of energy to digest food to yield hydrogen, the ultimate fuel.

Hydrogen-transporting ATP synthase is an enzyme that permits hydrogen ions, called protons to flow through its proton channel component thereby releasing energy. This is the ultimate fuel that enables your mitochondria in all your cells to produce ATP. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is considered by biologists to be the energy currency of life.

The latest research studies have discovered that a lack of hydrogen, the ultimate fuel for your body (and your car) may be responsible for many of today’s diseases. But, the researchers were surprised to discover that inhaling pure hydrogen is not only safe but can provide this fundamental source of energy directly to the body possibly without having to convert to ATP.

A healthy immune system not only defends the body from outside invaders, it is also responsible for cleansing the body of toxins. At the same time that it’s defending the body from poisons and outside invaders, it is also responsible for the creation and feeding of new cells.

The immune system is similar to a powerful computer whose function is to maintain good health.
When we reach the age between 18 to 21, the immune system is functioning at peak efficiency. As we get older, into our 40’s – efficiency begins to decline. When we are younger, we can fight off minor infections but as we grow older innocent infections or colds may turn into life threatening events.

That is why it is so dangerous for elderly patients to be admitted to the hospital. Their immune systems are not capable of handling the many viruses and bacteria present in even the cleanest hospital environment. To make matters even worse, antibiotics and many prescription drugs have dangerous side effects that damage your gut flora. Once your digestive track is compromised your immune system is weakened.

All major research into halting and even reversing the aging process involves discovering ways to slow down the degradation of the immune system and to restore it to the vitality present in young people in their early twenties.

Your body’s immune system produces what has come to be called ‘free radicals’, to enable it to rid itself of various types of toxic waste. An atom is composed of a nucleus (the particle in the center) surrounded by a certain number of moving electrons.

‘Free radicals’ are actually oxygen atoms that have one too many or one too few, electrons. Such an atom is called an ‘ion’. Though our bodies do need some free radicals, an excess of them causes very real and very serious illnesses, including cancer and auto-immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

The only way to get rid of excess free radicals in your body is to give them one more electron. This process changes them from dangerous particles to beneficial ones. Some supplements are available that achieve this, such as vitamin C and E, as well as a few synthesized compounds known as ‘antioxidants’ like Astaxanthin that is 65 times more powerful than Vitamin C. While antioxidants work well, structured water works better, and, better yet, the combination of taking antioxidants with structured water provides the optimum conditions for healthy immune system functioning.
To gain the full benefits of anti-aging supplements you must consume crystalline water as well.

According to, Dr. Mae Won Ho, author of The Rainbow and The Worm, “liquid crystalline water is involved in the relay and storage of information; in the amplification of biological signals; and in the transduction of a variety of forms of energy.”

Dr. Raymond Damanian spent years researching water. He wrote: “when water’s organization in the human body deteriorates, we begin to get sick and to show signs of aging.”
His research shows that water in cancer cells has lost its organization or hexagonal, crystalline structure. To a large extent, these kinds of findings involving crystalline water and cancer have been ignored by main stream cancer researchers.

Here’s more evidence supporting the use of structured water for those desiring to live longer, healthier lives:
Dr. Mu Shik John, author of The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key reported that regular consumption of crystalline water is associated with the following:
• Heightened nutrient absorption
• Increased mental clarity
• Detoxification
• Heightened immune function
• Increased athletic performance
• Longevity

Sadly, American consumers have been duped into drinking copious amounts of bottled spring water. While there is nothing wrong with drinking bottled water it is not the fourth or liquid crystalline phase of water. So, none of the above benefits of drinking structured water are associated with drinking spring water. You do get to pee a lot more, though!

Dissonance and Resonance

Everything in the Universe exists ultimately as energy. All the atomic particles, the atoms, electrons, protons, anions, quarks and any as yet unidentified units have their own frequency of vibration.
At the fundamental level of the building blocks of matter, the elements, scientists have identified 118 elements, each with its unique frequency. For more information on frequency and resonance visit
Watch Video


An engineer, John Ellis, invented a device that converts tap water into ultra pure structured water with a hydrogen bond angle of 114 degrees vs. the 104 degrees of ordinary water.

As a free energy scientist doing research since 2007, I theorized that John Ellis water would not only be more bioavailable to our body but it would more easily break apart during electrolysis. So, I added just 20 drops of this special water to regular KOH electrolyte. Watch Video



Actually, in my experiments the amperage required
dropped from around 30 amps @ 12 volts to about 1.5 amps @ 12 volts FOR

I found that John Ellis water reduces the energy to break water into hydrogen and oxygen gas by up to 81%
Imagine what that would mean to your body! Lots more energy to do the things you love at any age simply by drinking 2 or more liters a day of Hydrogen Enriched John Ellis Water.




The process was gradual with less power needed every day for seven days. At that point it leveled off. Another feature of this discovery is that the electrolyte was altered so that I could use the exact same electrolyte with orgone water on other HHO cells to get the same result of low amps immediately (without the 7 day conditioning period).


This is experimental and I have only tested it on my vortex cell so, I cannot guarantee it will work the same with a flat plate type HHO generator.

The output of the Electron 5 water processor, John Ellis water, has incredible health properties as reported by customers
and by researchers in cancer, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and many other reported cures.

People have documented that adding about 10 to 40 gallons of the orgone water to polluted wells and cess pools gradually purifies the entire aquifer. Apparently, the John Ellis water conditions any water that it is added to including the aquifer of a well. Eventually, the entire body of polluted water assumes the crystalline structure of John Ellis water causing smelly pollutants to drop out of suspension restoring clarity to the polluted lagoon or pond.



One gallon of energized-distilled water in about 2 hours and up to 10 gallons/hour of energized tap water, which is the overflow. If you are on a supply that people drink, you can drink energized tap water (or mix the two) with the same results! Unlike any other water filtration/distilling product (John Ellis machines are patented world-wide)and the water is reprocessed 100’s of times/gallon (not once) with an ultraviolet lamp in the top of the boiler (with a transformer) that destroys anything! Ordinary water processing products do not recycle water fifty times or more. Organisms can NOT be removed in only one cycle through ordinary products!


Air cooler with stirrer

So that more oxygen can be consumed during the energizing process.

How To Use The Electron 5 Water Machine


Place the machine on your sink counter and snap the diverter valve on your faucet (it quickly snaps on and off). Put a stainless steel pot or glass bottle in your sink to collect the energized-distilled water and/or the energized tap water. Water feeds from the diverter valve to the machine though a small inch diameter hose where there is a butterfly valve. Open the valve just enough to feed water to the machine (you don have to hand fill the machine). Any water that is not distilled goes through another small hose to your sink. This is energized tap water and you can turn up the valve, if you wish, to make up to 10 gallons/hour of energized tap water. This is the water they use on wells.

If you have a septic system and permit this energized run off water to go down the drain it will eliminate bad odors and bad bacteria coming from your septic tank.


You can TAKE IT ANYWHERE since the basic
machine without the air cooler weighs ONLY FOUR POUNDS!


Magic boiler action

With easy snap apart heater module
1500 Watts-plugs in like a toaster! We use Only U.L. approved


Faucet Diverter Valve

No need to hand-fill the machine! Protected
by United States and Foreign Patents!



John Ellis’s Electron 5 for $2600.00

This is the best machine we offer. It has two bulbs and a more powerful transformer to produce twice the ozone levels as the original version.

Fantastic!! Makes up to 10 gallons of “light tap water” for treating wells and septic systems. Or, shut off the control valve and produce the ultimate in health water you can drink daily, bath in, treat wounds and injuries and cure almost any disease according to fifteen plus years of testimonials from actual users.

NOTE: We don’t claim Cures….but, our customers do! You be the judge.


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