Methuselah Club

 Discover The Anti-Aging Regimen Our Members Are Using to Feel Young and Healthy Again


Methuselah Club is a private membership organization with the primary purpose of helping members reach peak health and longevity.

The Club features access to the private members’ area and to the newest research about anti-aging explained in David Davies new book, AGE LESS.



Members gain many advantages:


  • Substantial Discounts on supplements and products sold in store
  • Access to the latest anti-aging research, products and protocols updated by newsletter and in the member’s area.
  • Networking with fellow members who share similar interests.
  • Opportunity to create multiple streams of passive income by promoting
  • Discounts on special life extension seminars and age regression retreats at our beautiful New Zealand estate.


The cost of membership in the Methuselah Club is $27 per month and members will easily save more than this amount in discounts on anti-aging supplements as well as on crystalline water machines and products like Salute, our Erectile Dysfunction protocol and Six Pack Brainiac, our brain supercharger that restores short term memory, focus, attention, physical coordination and lightening quick reflexes along with a sense of calm and control.

Members Can Earn Monthly Residual Income For Life

Members earn $17 a month for each new member they refer plus 15% of the selling price of all products sold on including those products sold on auto-ship. So, a member who sells just two memberships will be earning $34 per month and have a net profit of $7 per month before adding in commissions from sales of supplements, travel and other products.


Get Rich Slowly


Members have access to the latest professional marketing and advertising materials recommended to drive traffic and sales to their business giving them the ideal six figure annual income potential home business. You can be successful running this business from anywhere in the world that you have Internet access.

You’ll learn how to increase your income exponentially simply by running ads that generate only two new members each day. This goal is very doable and will lead to an income of approximately $6,120 every month plus sales commissions within six months; BUT, ONLY if you advertise consistently. By the end of your first year in this business you should expect to be earning over $12,000 a month plus commissions on sales of supplements, anti-aging retreats and other related products.

We offer a RISK FREE 14 day Trial Membership for just $5.77 which includes your copy of The Fountain of Youth – Anti-Aging System (a $20 value), free of charge.

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