S.P.A.R. Spontaneous Age Reversal

Beginning as recently as 2005 many myths about aging have been shattered. Research studies, many by scientists from outside conventional medicine, have demonstrated that aging in laboratory animals can not only be halted but reversed! Old laboratory rats with all the characteristics of aging have not only had their lifespan extended by 25%, 40% and

Alkaline Water and Hydrogen Water

Alkaline Water And Hydrogen Water    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in the summer of 2016 and was seeking treatment. Lyme is very hard to treat, and I just want cure. So I went to my Dentist’s office. Would you want to try the Hydrogen after your appointment? He asked politely. I said absolutely

Natural Medicine

Some time ago I hit rock bottom with my health. I had very small energy, most nights I fell asleep something like 8 pm to wake up 12 hours later worn out, I had a raging worry, deep painful spots, and stomach and digestive issues. I was a hot mess express working on zero. Uncontrollable


Did you ever believe the scientist who is well-known for “pasteurized” milk may also be in charge of your stiff joints? Fuzzy thinking… poor flow… and low energy? You’ve heard of Louis Pasteur, right? He is the scientist accredited with discovering how germs can make you sick. Many industries of pharmaceutical drugs emerged because of

Oxygen Therapy

I don’t think my story is unique. I’ve had sarcoidosis ever since I was a medical student, but it started to change my lungs when I was about 26. I was told that not being on oxygen was putting severe damage on my heart, so I determined I had to try and take it seriously.

The Miracle of Healing Springs

The Miracle of Healing Springs Scientists have studied four healing springs where they found evidence of healing. You could consider these the fabled Fountains of Youth sought unsuccessfully by Ponce de Leon. Beginning in 2007, researchers identified several unique properties that are common to all true healing springs. What they found is astounding skeptics all

Molecular Hydrogen Health Research

Healing Springs, I don’t wish to make any claims here; you will need to experience this first hand. Suffice it to say that it appears that the water itself becomes imbued with healing powers when it is enriched with H2 while being cavitated within a magnetic field. Possibly, H2 enriched Crystalline Water (that you can easily make at home) is infused with the same healing energy reported for hundreds of years about healing springs like Lourdes.

Medical Hydrogen Videos

Medical Hydrogen Video Links Enhancing Water Making Crystalline Water Videos  Energizing Water Programming Water Carpal Tunnel Treatment Tyler LeBaron: Presents at AMMG Medical Conference Nov. 2015 The Healing Power of Hydrogen Session 1 with Tyler LeBaron Ozone Therapy Why is Ozone Therapy Suppressed in the US?… The Healing Power

Crystalline-orgone water

Newborn water, the kind you might find coursing down a high mountain brook, is quite different from city tap water. It is structured; in fact, the water has a hexagonal, crystalline structure that gives it incredible healing properties. CRYSTALLINE WATER OR ‘ORGONE’ WATER Most of us take water for granted. You turn on the tap

Are You Getting Enough Minerals?

Did you ever notice how TV commercials for breakfast cereal always mention vitamins and minerals? But when you think of minerals, food isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Aren’t minerals something you find in the earth, like iron and quartz? Well, yes, but small amounts of some minerals are also in foods —


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