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The core of commercial version of our Hydrogen Hydrotherapy Spa uses the PEM-2L Pure Hydrogen Generator.  With 2 liters per minute of pure 99.9995% hydrogen this unit is suitable for whole house Hydrogen Water systems, H2 enriched hydroponic greenhouses, the Hydrogen enriched commercial hydrotherapy jacuzzi spa business.  Free energy researchers can also generate abundant hydrogen for their projects.

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Pure Hydrogen 2 LPM

PEM-2LPM Generator

Our versatile HYDROGEN water enrichment device uses the latest Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM solid electrolyte) technology to efficiently produce two liters per minute 99.9995% pure Hydrogen, or, alternatively, H-H-O that includes pure oxygen to perform the following functions:

    • Our largest commercial unit, shown, produces healing hydrogen gas or a mix of hydrogen and pure oxygen gas that is cavitated to produce hydrogen enriched structured water. Our Thrive H2 enriched water promotes health when used as follows:
    • Electron 5 Machine

    • This system includes the John Ellis E-5 water processor!
    • Drink it, bath in it or soak in a jacuzzi. You can also apply the gas directly to the body to promote healing, and to reduce wrinkles.
    • This large commercial unit, with six times the Hydrogen output as the standard home unit, can be used as a whole house hydrogen enriched water system.
    • The commercial hydrotherapy spa produces clean Hydrogen for hydrogen enhanced drinking water, showers, baths, swimming pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis.
    • You also receive equipment that can deliver clean HHO gas for direct application to the body to dissolve pain and promote rapid healing. Click to Download free report.

Other Uses:

  • The Synergy-H-O-H water system can produce HHO enriched structured water for hydroponic greenhouses, gardens and for aquaponic fish farming. Multiple commercial units (each with six times more Hydrogen output) can be set up to treat irrigation water for cannabis or hemp farming, for example. Needless to say, this is an immensely profitable and rapidly expanding market.

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How It Works and Why My Synergy-H-O-H is Far Superior to All Other Water Treatment Units

The Synergy uses the latest, most efficient SPLIT GAS PROTON EXCHANGE MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY or PEM. Not only does our unit produce 99.995% pure Hydrogen (with a separate outlet for pure Oxygen) but NO DANGEROUS CAUSTIC ELECTROLYTES ARE USED. The Synergy-H-O-H water system uses deionized or distilled water (or, John Ellis Water for amplified health benefits).

Why is this important? ASK YOURSELF…”Do you really want to be exposed to hydrogen that bubbles through a caustic electrolyte mixture of LYE and water?” Lye can burn the eyes, skin and lungs.

Our units do not use ANY caustic chemicals at all. Anyone concerned about improving their health will recognize this incontrovertible advantage over all competing units.

The ultra-pure gases are bubbled into our 2.5 gallon stainless steel Cavitation Tank where specially tuned ultrasonic frequencies convert ordinary well water or John Ellis water (if available) into hydrogen/oxygen enriched liquid crystalline water. This is the secret of the healing springs that converts ordinary water into Thrive water with incredible healing properties revered by generations of people seeking cures for all kinds of ailments.

Note that we do not recommend ever drinking municipal tap water as hydrogen enrichment alone does not remove fluoride, chlorine, lead or micro-contaminants (like residual chemical and pharmaceutical wastes NOT removed by municipal water treatment facilities). However, if you have no other choice, the Electron 5 machine will purify tap water and remove the poisons and toxins found in all municipal water supplies.

In fact, even our PEM hydrogen generators REQUIRE PURE DEIONIZED WATER. TAP WATER WILL DESTROY IT! However, the PEM-2LPM H2 generator runs perfectly on John Ellis water!

PLEASE NOTE: The third component in this system is the Electron-5 John Ellis Water distiller. When John Ellis water is enriched with pure hydrogen it gains therapeutic power that share many healing characteristics with healing springs. Scientists studying hydrogen have found it is effective to treat 66 diseases while reversing the aging process. Electron 5 machines.
Components Included When You Order:

  • Synergy pressurized water/hydrogen cavitation vessel (see picture on right, above). This is the heart of the Hydrotherapy system. It includes an ultrasonic cavitation device, the Split Gas pure hydrogen generator putting out two liters per minute of pure hydrogen plus 1 liter per minute of pure oxygen. Hydrogen and oxygen gases can be mixed with the mixer valve depending on the therapeutic requirements.
  • A high-pressure gas hose delivers the hydrogen to a mixer valve where a separate hose can mix the hydrogen with pure oxygen. Or, simply vent the pure Oxygen into the air and enjoy the benefits of pure hydrogen, alone.
  • AC/DC power supply. Simply plug into a wall outlet and set the timer. Or, connect your home’s primary water pipe to the mixing chamber and the outlet water pipe into your household water system (only on the Whole House Water System).
  • Hose with soft funnel to direct pure hydrogen to the skin to treat psoriasis, acne, sunburn, bruises, open wounds and even to provide anti-aging-anti-wrinkle benefits to the skin.
  • Hose with nasal cannula to breathe pure hydrogen or a mixture of pure hydrogen and oxygen. (Restricted to Commercial Unit ONLY).


We offer two different models: (please note that the commercial models, #3 & #4 are identical in performance but differ only by the  ancillary equipment.  Commercial Models 2 and 3 produce six times the hydrogen & oxygen gas as the basic home countertop unit.

    Synergy H2 Hydrotherapy Machine:

    H2-300 Counter top Unit

  1. Countertop Synergy unit for households.
  2. Residential Whole House Hydrogen Enriched Water System. $10,980.00. Leasing available to qualified parties.
  3. Commercial version of same unit designed for HEALTH CLINICS, SPAS, GYMS, RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES, HOSPITALS AND DOCTOR’S OFFICES. This exact same system can also be adapted for hydroponic greenhouses and fish farming applications. $10,995.00

#1 Small Synergy-H-O-H Home Countertop Unit. $3995 + $165 S&H with insurance. Does NOT INCLUDE THE ELECTRON 5 JOHN ELLIS WATER MACHINE.

#2 Residential Whole House HHO Hydrotherapy Water System $10,980.00 (Produces 6X the Hydrogen output as the regular countertop unit)

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