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Introducing RXCures new Zorrion Portable Hydrogen Inhalation System


  • Produces 150 ml 99.999% pure hydrogen gas and separate supply pure oxygen gas
  • Safe and efficient Hydrogen generation via most advanced Proton Exchange Membrane
  • Unit works with pure distilled water only. No dangerous electrolytes to mix.
  • Compact, light weight and simple to use.
  • All inhalation attachments for breathing either hydrogen or oxygen or a mixture of both gases are included.

    H2 Mini Travel Case

  • Nifty storage bag protects device and has compartment for accessories.

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Our latest product, the H2-Mini hydrogen inhalation device produces 150 ml/minute of 99.999 pure hydrogen. There is also a separate out let for 75 ml/minute of 99.999 pure oxygen.

The user can choose to inhale the Hydrogen gas or use the Y fitting to combine the two gases when Oxygen is called for. The tubing and nasal cannula and needed fittings are included.

There are also tremendous benefits from drinking hydrogen enriched water and this is simply a matter of connecting the H2 outlet tube to permit the gas to bubble into your water container.

Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Enriched Liquid Crystalline Water and Inhaling 99.999% Pure Hydrogen

Hydrogen water neutralizes Free Radicals called Reactive Oxygen Species, ROS, that are notorious for destroying normal cells or distorting DNA in mitochondria.

Hydrogenated water contains active hydrogen ions that act as powerful antioxidants
in your body to reduce and eliminate chronic inflammation. Unlike many other antioxidant supplements, however, the tiny hydrogen ions easily penetrate cell membranes where they prevent DNA damage to the cells’ mitochondria, the energy factories of life.

Many medical researchers now believe that all aging and symptoms of aging are the result of the gradual breakdown of the mitochondria in all cells in the body. Hydrogen protects and repairs DNA damage to the mitochondria of all cells in the body.

Hydrogen ions pass easily through the blood/brain barrier where they protect the brain’s sensitive neurons from oxidative damage. So, this simple treatment holds promise in preventing and even reversing senile dementia and even Alzheimer’s Disease, formerly thought to be irreversible.

The ions help eliminate oxygen free radicals that contribute to the development of illness and ultimately are
responsible for the aging process. Scientists are finding that both drinking Hydrogen enriched water and inhaling hydrogen can be useful in treating as many as 180 diseases. This miraculous therapy regimen is totally safe and can be administered at home without the need for dangerous pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by mainstream doctors.

Here is a short list of just a few of the many benefits of Hydrogen hydrotherapy.
1.Improving Metabolism – useful to treat metabolic syndrome
2.Eliminate Inflammation and soreness in muscles and joints
3.Allergies Helped
4.Remove Fatigue
5.Slimming Body and Restoring Beautiful Skin
6.Enhance Memory, reduce “brain fog” and forgetfulness
7.Anti-Aging – rejuvenation of all cells in the body leading to younger looking skin, better eyesight etc.
8.Inhibit Tumor growth

• Includes Hydrogen Inhalation Accessory Kit. We have included everything required to produce and safely inhale Hydrogen gas.
• Drink 1.5 liters a day of the H2 enriched water . That is the ideal therapeutic amount to drink for treating as many as 180 diseases, safely….at home.

(Your Dr.s supervision is recommended. Please be aware that hydrogen therapy is completely safe and that no reported dangerous side effects have ever been observed in hundreds of research studies…. unlike almost all drugs prescribed by medical doctors)

Q&A: Will inhaling the hydrogen enriched fog cure the covid-19 flu?

Answer: This product is unique and has not been tested by the FDA. The company will provide test units @ cost + 25% to accredited research/medical laboratories and hospitals for testing purposes. Wholesale prices will apply for volume. Call 207-837-9869 for information.

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