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: Simply connect the machine to your water faucet and adjust the flow. Both the Electron 4 and the Electron 5 turn water into steam and then condense it about a dozen times per minute. The water is further purified of any pathogens, fluoride, chlorine and impurities as it flows through powerful UV lamps. The Electron 5 machine has twice the number of UV lamps for ultra-pure water. The water output is the same for both machines.

John Ellis water is so powerful that it entrains ordinary water. Simply add one cup of John Ellis water to a gallon of spring water and let it sit overnight or cavitate it in the Davies Crystalline water machine for immediate use.



ALL DRINKING WATER CONTAINS DEUTERIUM that damages your DNA!  Deuterium or heavy water is DEAD WATER that is a major CAUSE of Aging and Cancer! If you drank 100% Deuterium “heavy” water you would die since it is catabolic. Heavy water cannot be used by the cells of your body!

Do your own research about water. Discover the astounding health benefits of Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) at the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH NIH.gov

Dozens of the latest research studies confirm the phenomenal benefits you will experience by drinking John Ellis water exclusively instead of bottled spring water or tap water.

Listen to doctors discussing the dangers of drinking Heavy Water that’s present in virtually all municipal water supplies. Unfortunately, heavy water is also found in almost all well water.

The unique, patented Electron 5 AUTOMATICALLY DISTILLS your tap water hundreds of TIMES/GALLON (not just ONCE like commercial distilled water!!) and by doing this 100’s OF TIMES you also produce water with MEASURABLE ENERGY that your body can use immediately to attain peak health. (see video here!)
Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you alive!! With 13 Patents and 332 FDA Tests John Ellis water has been in high demand worldwide!

NOW YOU COULD SPEND A FORTUNE TO BUY Deuterium Depleted Water a bottle at a time… or MAKE IT AT HOME…for PENNIES per gallon and take a 501C3 Tax Deduction!!

John Ellis water promotes health not only by reducing or virtually eliminating deuterium in your drinking water; the Electron 5 water processor removes mitotoxins, bacteria, chlorine and fluoride and the trace amounts of the prescription medications (with untold harmful side effects) that are flushed down the toilet and end up in aquifers. If you drink municipal tap water your body is being poisoned gradually over a long period of time. Conventional medicine has ignored the enormous damage like chronic inflammation, corrupted DNA in the mitochondria (your cells’s energy factories) and the failure of cells to flush out toxins which leads to ZOMBIE CELLS that are no longer functioning caused in large part by the Standard American Diet and Municipal Tap Water.

Here is another unique characteristic of John Ellis Water:

Hydrogen Bond Angle (HBA)

Only John Ellis water has been proven by testing to expand the HBA from 104  to 114 degrees so it’s easier for the “Body Electric” to split water into hydrogen and oxygen so it will GO THROUGH YOUR SKIN when ordinary WON’T, with 3000% more energy than ordinary water with ZERO ENERGY  (Video Proof)!

John Ellis, a retired 88 year old professor with TWO Chemical Engineering Degrees from MIT has a novel way of proving it (on our website)!! Scientists know ENERGY is measured by the HBA: ordinary distilled 101* and ordinary water 104* (ZERO ENERGY), John Ellis Water 114* and finally steam at 120* that started the Industrial Revolution.

Typical drinking water and all bottled water is low energy water!

Ordinary water takes energy from your FOOD to reach equilibrium. Your IMMUNE SYSTEM needs this ENERGY to fight disease! Also, “The Body Electric” requires ENERGY to split water into hydrogen and oxygen: YOU ARE LOSING ENERGY IN TWO WAYS!! The explanation for this is that for water to benefit your body it must be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen.

The greater the angle of separation, HBA, between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water the easier it can penetrate cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier to transport nourishment into your cells and to void your cells of waste products. Your body must break down the food you eat into raw fuel which is Hydrogen that requires Oxygen to release the energy that powers your body.

John Ellis water is far more bio-available than any other water you are drinking now. In practical terms, this means that when you drink John Ellis water exclusively, your circulation improves, your energy levels increase, you lose mind fog and your memory becomes razor sharp. Zombie cells go into apoptosis (cell death and flushing out of your organs) instead of sucking up nutrients without doing anything functional to support your health.

John Ellis water supports the billions of mitochondria in the cells of your body so that they have more raw energy to convert to ATP which is the biological energy currency of life.


An engineer, John Ellis, invented a device that converts tap water into ultra pure structured water with a hydrogen bond angle of 114 degrees vs. the 104 degrees of ordinary water.

Watch this fascinating interview with John Ellis and learn about the unusual healing properties of drinking his structured or high energy crystalline water.

Recently, I added just 20 drops of this special water to regular KOH electrolyte. Watch Video


Actually, in my experiments the amperage required
dropped from around 30 amps @ 12 volts to about 1.5 amps @ 12 volts FOR

The process was gradual with less power needed every day for seven days. At that point it leveled off. Another feature of this discovery is that the electrolyte was altered so that I could use the exact same electrolyte with orgone water on other HHO cells to get the same result of low amps immediately (without the 7 day conditioning period).

This is experimental and I have only tested it on
my Vortex cell so, I cannot guarantee it will work the same with a plate
type HHO device.

The output of this device, orgone water, has
incredible health properties reported by researchers in cancer
, diabetes, tumors and a host of other reported cures.

People have documented that adding about 10 to 40 gallons of the orgone water to polluted wells and cess pools gradually purifies the entire aquifer. Apparently, the Orgone water conditions any water that it is added to including the aquifer of a well.


One gallon of energized-distilled water in about 2 hours and up to 10 gallons/hour of energized tap water, which is the overflow. If you are on a supply that people drink, you can drink energized tap water (or mix the two) with the same results! Unlike any other water filtration/distilling product (John Ellis machines are patented world-wide)and the water is reprocessed 100’s of times/gallon (not once) with an ultraviolet lamp in the top of the boiler (with a transformer) that destroys anything! Ordinary water processing products do not recycle water fifty times or more. Organisms can NOT be removed in only one cycle through ordinary products!

Air cooler with stirrer

So that more oxygen can be consumed during the energizing process.

How To Use The Electron 4 & 5 Machine

Place the machine on your sink counter and snap the diverter valve on your faucet (it quickly snaps on and off). Put a stainless steel pot or glass bottle in your sink to collect the energized-distilled water and/or the energized tap water. Water feeds from the diverter valve to the machine though a small inch diameter hose where there is a butterfly valve. Open the valve just enough to feed water to the machine (you don have to hand fill the machine). Any water that is not distilled goes through another small hose to your sink. This is energized tap water and you can turn up the valve, if you wish, to make up to 10 gallons/hour of energized tap water. This is the water they use on wells.

If you have a septic system and permit this energized run off water to go down the drain it will eliminate bad odors and bad bacteria.

You can TAKE IT ANYWHERE since the basic
machine without the air cooler weighs ONLY FOUR POUNDS!

Magic boiler action

With easy snap apart heater module
1500 Watts-plugs in like a toaster! We use Only U.L. approved

Faucet Diverter Valve

No need to hand-fill the machine! Protected
by United States and Foreign Patents!


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