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Beginning as recently as 2005 many myths about aging have been shattered. Research studies, many by scientists from outside conventional medicine, have demonstrated that aging in laboratory animals can not only be halted but reversed! Old laboratory rats with all the characteristics of aging have not only had their lifespan extended by 25%, 40% and even 100% but have experienced spontaneous age reversal.

The long-standing assumption that aging is an inevitable, non-reversable condition governed, for the most part, by genetics has been disproven. Two areas of fruitful research, stem cell research and the emerging science of senolytics have caused a new term to emerge:

S.P.A.R. or Spontaneous Age Reversal.

Until relatively recently, the most elderly people could hope for was to slow down the aging process so that their bodies deteriorated at a slower rate than has been considered “normal”.

But then scientists began to witness clear evidence that the aging process could not only be slowed down but reversed at the cellular level. The cells of treated individuals began to be indistinguishable from the cells of people as much as thirty or forty years younger. That would mean that a treated seventy year old senior might have the physiological cellular identity commensurate with a healthy youth of thirty. And, these results did not just show up in laboratory samples. These S.P.A.R. individuals began to function sexually, athletically and even in appearance as though they had literally shed 30+ years of aging damage.

This explosion of age-reversing research has gone down many rabbit holes but failed to identify a primary cause of aging. Nevertheless, a veterinary Dr. Russell Beckett found that magnesium bicarbonate spring water was extending the lifespan of lifestock by 30% to 50% in the one farm region of Australia where it is found in the springs.

Carbon 60 With Olive Oil

Another breakthrough occurred almost accidentally when in 1993, a testing laboratory received a contract to find the  dose above which a high tech industrial lubricant, Fullerine Carbon 60, was lethal to rats. The control group, fed ordinary rat food, died of old age. Meanwhile, the test group of rats were still young and vigorous at nearly double the age of the oldest rat in the control group. The scientists found no evidence of toxicity or side effects other than no signs of aging.


Several theories of aging have evolved from decades of gerontology research. Here is an abridged overview of what we know:

As we age our bodies produce far less of critical natural substances like amino acids, hormones, ATP, collagen, CoQ10, and stem cells for example. By the age of 65 we produce just 12% of the CoQ10 enzyme/antioxidant as we produced as a child.

Gradually, the body’s production of collagen, the core component of all connective tissue, the skin, the interstitium, the blood vessels and cartilage in all the joints plummets. Collagen is the binder that creates the organic tissue or fabric that supports organs and tissues. This natural substance is one of the key components of youth and it affects our cardiovascular health, appearance and physical strength at all levels.

In a very real sense our body begins to rust from the inside out as ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species, free radicals, inflame and eventually breakdown tissues in the body. Inflammation, the body’s acute response to injury, turns into an auto immune disease that begins to break down healthy tissue. Inappropriate pharmaceuticals like opioids and NSAIDS, are prescribed by mainstream doctors to manage pain. This abuse of medicine by conventional practitioners has caused widespread addiction and failed to cure the underlying cause of inflammation.

Like a car engine that is continually running using dirty oil and water, our cells gradually fill up with toxic waste. Our cells actually become polluted with the waste products of metabolism. Weaker cells lose their ability to flush out toxins and waste and to absorb Oxygen, Hydrogen and nutrients.

The cells’ most powerful antioxidants like superoxide dismutase or SOD, glutathione and CoQ10 fail to protect the cells energy factories, the mitochondria. At its worse, the DNA of the mitochondria become damaged and the cell can no longer reproduce new healthy cells. Their DNA programming has become corrupted!

The result is that the cells’ ability to produce life’s energy currency, ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate, declines and the mitochondria in cells die off. This degenerative process cascades and some cells lose the ability to produce critical hormones, amino acids and to absorb nutrients and expel waste including toxins found in almost everything Western man encounters.

In young individuals with an intact immune system, corrupted cells or senescent cells undergo a natural process called apoptosis where the zombie cells self-destruct and are flushed harmlessly out of the body.

A healthy body is capable of replacing zombie cells with stem cells that regenerate new cells that rebuild our organs with new cells having perfect mitochondria.

This miracle of constant, continuous renewal means that in young individuals, under ideal circumstances, skin or epidermis cells replace themselves every 10 to 30 days. But, as we age, even the body’s production of stem cells declines sharply.

The current mainstream medical consensus is that damaged heart muscle does not regenerate and that stem cells don’t renew the heart. Nevertheless, cutting edge stem cell therapies have caused the complete regeneration of a severed finger tip. Other studies have caused tissues of various organs to regrow in vitro, outside the body.

The assumption that nerves could not be regenerated, once damaged has been proven false. The belief that damage to the brain was irreversible and that the brain was incapable of regenerating brain cells has also proven to be false.

Researchers are confident that new discoveries can rebuild heart muscle cells, and indeed all cells, from the inside out.

When the apoptosis mechanism fails the zombie cells become a liability: They weaken the organs they remain a part of. The skin sags and you get wrinkles and age spots. Damaged arteries become more susceptible to inflammation. To protect the endothelium, lining of the arteries,  the endothelium grabs HDL cholesterol to use it to patch over eroded areas. This is the body’s natural response to prevent a catastrophic rupture of the artery (which would result in instant aneurysm or death).

In a 2006 study scientists proved that so-called zombie cells shorten the lifespan of rats.

The challenge for researchers became to find a way to not only flush out zombie cells but to stimulate the ample production of stem cells to replace them.

A research paper published in 2018 identified a number of natural nutrients that solve the problem of flushing out zombie cells while helping to rebuild damaged mitochondria and to cause mitogenesis . Early results are very promising!

For example, the researchers found that phospholipids are critical to the protection and performance of mitochondria. When levels drop they cannot be easily replaced. You cannot eat phospholipids since your digestive track enzymes and acids would simply destroy them.

This obstacle was overcome when researchers found a way to deliver intact, potent phospholipids directly to the cells. At the cellular level a process called spontaneous incorporation causes your mitochondria to absorb fresh phospholipids. Once this begins, the mitochondria rapidly regain youthful vigor and blossom like a desert wildflower after a rainstorm.

Scientists also found almost miraculous age reversing properties in a combination of CoQ10, PQQ plus NAD+ or Nicotinamide Riboside. NAD. This approach has been acclaimed as a breakthrough age reversing formula.

Dr. David Sinclair found that NAD added to the drinking water of mice reversed the aging process with visible results within seven days. And, within a month the treated mice looked and performed like young mice. Even more remarkably,  their cells were virtually indistinguishable from young mice less than half their age.

Despite these breakthroughs cells continued to be damaged by a combination of poor hydration and by an overload of toxins, heavy metals and damage from saturation levels of background radiation from cell phones, electronic devices, microwave towers and the latest lethal 5G technology.

Conventional theory to protect cells from mitochondrial damage from free radicals is to eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods. But, even the best diets haven’t caused the aging process to spontaneously reverse with the result that cells become functionally identical to those of a healthy 29 year old.

So, scientists began studying how young and healthy individuals protect their mitochondria from free radical damage. They discovered that young bodies produce an abundance of a compound called superoxide dismutase, SOD.

This natural free radical buster causes your body to become biologically younger but as you age the SOD levels plummet. SOD is not found in food and researchers faced a daunting task to find a way to stimulate older bodies to produce enough of it to protect cells.

They succeeded with dramatic outcomes that showed that a 30% higher level caused test subjects to experience soaring energy, a full 432% more energy than before treatment.

Still, the number of active and healthy mitochondria per cell is just a small fraction of the mitochondria found in each cell of people under 30. Many factors have some influence on mitogenesis or the production of new mitochondria within cells but the key to mitogenesis depends on high Nitric Oxide levels. Too low and your body no longer produces new mitochondria. A 70 year old man suffers a 75% decrease in Nitric Oxide compared to that of a 20 year old.

That’s why twenty year old athletes can have the energy to play strenuous games of lacrosse, soccer and rugby; energy that is simply not available to older people.

MDTA Chelation Therapy

Chelation is a process where a safe substance grabs onto inorganic toxins and heavy metals like lead, mercury, PCP’s, heavy metals and carcinogens of all kinds. The process flushes these toxic contaminants out of the body.

Since most of the rampant inflammation is caused by the onslaught of toxic substances in our environment, chelation therapy can remove this source. The IV version of this therapy is so effective that there is a body of research that shows it can virtually eliminate heart disease.

For example, patients with osteoporosis who have begun taking calcium supplements without also taking Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 are not only NOT strengthening their bones. Like HDL cholesterol the excess calcium is used by the arteries to literally cement over inflamed and damaged sections of the lining of arteries. Most people are deficient in both of these critical vitamins. Most people are putting themselves at risk of hardening of the arteries from calcium. These vitamins are critical in directing calcium to appropriate uses like building strong bones and teeth.

So, chelation therapy can reverse this damage, hardening of the arteries by gradually dissolving the calcium in the lining of the arteries. Meanwhile, the cause of the problem, inflammation from toxic substances is also being removed (urine and bowel movements) leading to a measurable reduction in inflammation throughout the body.

Orgone: Liquid Crystalline Water

Meanwhile, an entirely different approach emerged as scientists began discovering the incredible properties of water. Not the least among these properties was the capacity for Liquid Crystalline Water, aka structured water, to hydrate and oxygenate cells. You see, structured water is many times more easily absorbed through the blood brain barrier and through cell membranes than ordinary water.

Most water researchers have been attacked and ridiculed as the skeptics and pedants in the scientific community assumed that they already knew everything there was to know about water.

They were wrong! 

As infants most if not all the water in the body is structured water. This water is critical for health and yet as we age the percentage of structured water falls away sharply. Ordinary water doesn’t easily pass through cell membranes. Ordinary water lacks the extraordinary qualities of crystals and fails to deliver adequate amounts of oxygen and hydrogen into the cells. Likewise, lack of structured water within the cells impedes protein signaling and mundane activities like expelling waste from  cells.

Since water research is my core focus I suggest you read my article on Orgone Water. I believe it is the critical missing link to Spontaneous Age Reversal.

To sum up, the key to S.P.A.R. or Spontaneous Age Reversal is:

  • Awake, heal and energize existing mitochondria
  • Protect mitochondria from free radical damage to their DNA
  • Stimulate mitogenesis, the natural production of new mitochondria within all the cells of the body
  • Safely flush out zombie cells (those cells that are beyond repair).
  • Safely flush out the heavy metals, carcinogens and other toxins embedded in the tissues of the body using chelation therapy.
  • Replace zombie cells by stimulating stem cells to build brand new organs and tissues.
  • Hydrate and nourish cells by delivering critical nutrients like oxygen, hydrogen and nutrients directly into the cells by consuming energized structured water.

As each cell “powers up” with fresh, new and energetic mitochondria organs like the heart, brain, skin, muscles, joints….virtually the entire body will bloom with the energy and vitality of youth by resetting your biological clock at the cellular level.

© 2019 David Davies


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