The Miracle of Healing Springs

Scientists have studied four healing springs where they confirmed evidence of healing. You could consider these the fabled Fountains of Youth sought unsuccessfully by Ponce de Leon.

Beginning in 2007, researchers identified several unique properties that are common to all true healing springs. What they found is astounding skeptics all over the world.

The scientists expected to find that the waters were rich in minerals, but only one substance, hydrogen, was found in high concentrations in all the springs.This discovery has led to an explosion of medical research into the therapeutic effects of hydrogen in both animal and human studies. So far, there has been over 1000 studies on hydrogen healing properties.

Hydrogen is nature’s powerful antioxidant and is effective in treating at least 66 diseases with more applications being discovered every week. Here is just a small sample:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and stroke
  • Heart Disease
  • MS
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cancer
  • Reverses age related disabilities

Hydrogen Medicine is rapidly being adopted as a versatile tool to restore health to patients with a diverse range of diseases. The administration of hydrogen with oxygen delivers healing power unknown before now. Hydrogen has antioxidant properties and the capability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation deep within cells at the mitochondria, where all energy for your body is produced. The latest studies have confirmed that consumption of hydrogen gas enriched water helps patients with a diverse range of disorders including the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Hydrogen medicine can be administered with Hydrogen Inhalation Machines. The best machines produce 99.995% pure H2 and a separate supply of 99.947% pure Oxygen.

Liquid Crystalline Water

Healing spring water is totally different than tap water and shares many characteristics with John Ellis water that I have been studying in my hydrogen energy research for over a decade.

Hydration, The Key To Abundant Health

Your cells become hydrated when, and only when, water penetrates the cell membrane and is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. The body must work hard to break apart water to get the benefits of oxygen and hydrogen where it is needed, inside the trillions of cells of the body. My energy research showed that John Ellis water requires 83% less energy to split into its component gases, hydrogen and oxygen using conventional electrolysis.

No other water compares. Ordinary water, tap water, well water, even bottled spring water and R-O water….ALL require 30 times more energy to release their life-giving gases.

For me, that discovery meant that Tesla’s free energy was a reality that permits anyone to produce abundant hydrogen fuel for pennies.

I also realized that John Ellis water is the only truly BIO-AVAILABLE WATER that transports and delivers both critical hydrogen and oxygen gases directly into your cells at 83% less energy cost to your body. The dead water you and everyone else has been drinking is killing you slowly.

Hundreds, if not thousands of John Ellis water customers have reported on miraculous recoveries from dozens of diseases simply from drinking and even bathing in John Ellis water.

Like Having Your Own Healing Spring On Your Kitchen Counter

When John Ellis water is enriched with 99.995% pure hydrogen it is transformed into the most powerful all natural wellness system for home use.

You could say that there is a synergistic effect in which hydrogen alone works well and just J.E. water works well but, combine the two and the positive effect on your health defies description.



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Your Best Health Option

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Make abundant Hydrogen from water

Secrets of Using Water For Fuel

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