Ground-breaking research indicates that the water you drink may be the primary cause of accelerated aging and a contributing factor to the four most lethal diseases:

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s Disease.



All you need is spring water; bottled spring water is OK to make liquid crystalline orgone water. Orgone is the name given to the unseen energy that gives “life” to living creatures. A scientist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, researched orgone energy from 1920 up to the 1940’s. Like many geniuses that are too far ahead of their time, his work was ridiculed and he was threatened and finally incarcerated. He died in prison serving time on trumped up charges because the powers that be at the time didn’t agree with his research.

Nevertheless, orgone energy was also identified by Nikola Tesla but he didn’t use the term orgone. Today, scientists refer to the mysterious, invisible energy of the ether as Quantum Vacuum Energy Fluctuations or Zero Point Energy in the media. Regardless of what you call it, quantum physicists theorize that it may be the life-force motivating the entire Universe. This is the energy that causes all matter to vibrate and, indeed, all particles and elements do vibrate or resonate at their own unique frequency.

Dissonance and Resonance

Everything in the Universe exists ultimately as energy. All the atomic particles, the atoms, electrons, protons, anions, quarks and any as yet unidentified units have their own frequency of vibration.
At the fundamental level of the building blocks of matter, the elements, scientists have identified 118 elements, each with its unique frequency. For more information on frequency and resonance visit
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Some energy coalesces into the form we humans know as matter, when the smallest particles interact and resonate in a particular way. Positive and negative attraction and repulsion forces may realign in a beautiful matrix of perfectly balanced energy frequencies. And, yes, this is the case with the energy package known as human beings.

We are energy beings manifested in the physical world for your viewing and interacting pleasure.
My orgone water processor converts ordinary spring water into liquid crystalline or structured water with all the benefits, mentioned previously, to restore youthful good health and vitality.

How It Works
Powerful neodymium magnets focus electromagnetic energy into the center of the spinning water vortex. Thirty or more minutes of spinning is all it takes to turn spring water into liquid crystalline orgone water. There are several additional proprietary processes that serve to attract healing Orgone energy to the water that won’t be discussed here.

My latest version includes a Hydrogen Inlet Port in the cap. If you decide to acquire my Hydrogen Hydrotherapy unit you can simply plug the Hydrogen gas line into your Crystalline Water Maker’s cap. Operate the slow blend function while setting the timer on the H2 generator to produce H2 for 15 minutes or up to 30 minutes.

I am building a few pre-production prototypes that aren’t as pretty as the production version. However, the pre-production unit works as well as the final version. If you would like to purchase one of these prototype units I’m offering a few prototype units for just $179.

Please allow 14-21 days for assembly.

Order today and you’ll also receive a copy of my new book, AGE LESS, the Davies Anti-Aging System.

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